Data Is The Next Intel Inside……. [Updated]

According to Web 2.0 expert O’Reilly and many other industry analysts data is now the new intel inside, it doesn’t matter how fast or powerful our computers become, the access to information is far more important than any technical specs. We are now entering the stage where the interent is proving us with a huge portion of our data, this data is power and is accesible like never before. As a result its thrown up a number of new companies and dilemmas on how to share such data. One example of this new wave of data access is:

Spotify is a music streaming service that offers unlimited streaming of selected music from a range of major and independent record labels. Users of Spotify can register either for free accounts supported by visual and radio-style advertising or for a paid subscription which come without those pesky ads and with a range of extra features such as higher bitrate streaming and the ability to access your playlisted music offline. The service also allows for:

  • The ability to create a personalised playlist or the option too listen to others
  • Take your music on the go; premium service allows for iphone (plus other mobile devices) offline music listening
  • Fully social media site compatible: Share with your friends on Twitter and Facebook
  • Radio function, to allow you to sit back and listen to new music without the effort of going through creating a playlist.
  • Combine your local music files with the your play-listed Spotify ones.

Spotify’s US advert: Spotify obviously isnt the only application out there doing music this way, a fellow classmate has done an interesting article into one of Spotify’s rivals.. Pandora Revisiting my opening statement: But why is Spotify an example of  how data is the new Intel inside? Well the easiest example of this is that the service is able to offer a user over 10 million tracks to select from… thats the equilivant of having around 40 million megabytes (if each song was 4mb) of songs at your disposal… or 39062 GB at your disposal every single day…. where as i currently have 16GB (I hope my maths right). To me thats just staggering and a clear indication of where the future music business is heading… even Apple have been rumoured to be considering offering a cloud version of iTunes. Further more the integration of a exceptionally well tailored database allows for the user to not only find new music via a search but also creates a tailor-made radio service that takes into consideration the users likes, genre style and location. Furthermore the service has allowed the user to share there music via social media and continue building the transfer of data from one individual to the next. Sadly Spotify is currently only offered in a number of countries one of which isnt Australia… but when it eventually gets here ill be one of the first to sign up. Links: Spotify Home Page Wikipedia Entry –  Spotify