Advertising… A Fresh Take

A slight tangent from my normal posts….Last semster i posted on how a interactive youtube add was being used to sell a product such as tip-ex (whiteout for you Aussies).

I just wanted to quickly comment on another fresh take by the advertising agencies:

Rovio have recently combined with Fox film to give us a special addition Angry Birds as a way to market there new animated feature film Rio. To me this is one of the best forms of advertising ive seen, using todays must have gadgets and apps as a way to push a product without slapping adverts in a traditional sense all over the app. Angry Birds has sold 100 million copies world wide over a wide variety of platforms if only a fraction of the users purchase the new game, Rovio and Fox Film are onto a winner in my opionon.

Id be interested in hearing your point of view?


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