Facebook | My Experiences…..

As mentioned previously, i have been a user of Facebook for around 4 years now and will visit the site around once a day to check what my friends are upto. I only have limited information of who i am and where i live and thats mainly there for people trying to find me. The main advantage of Facebook for myself is using it as a method of keeping in touch with my friends and as i emigrated to this country nearly 3 years ago, its a great way in staying in touch with my friends from the UK.

Facebook is also often used by myself and friends to great events and send invites electronically rather than having to send out a group text message or post invitations. Another advantage of the site is having the ability to tag photos after the event and keep them all in one place for everyone to enjoy.

Despite not having a bad experience with the site as of yet, i am conscious of using common sense when post a comment and ensring that i follow the same rules and laws that i abide by in my offline life.  As Leigh Dixon rightly points out in her blog that “No platform can ever be better than a face-to-face for satisfaction” and i believe in this digital age that is something we need to remember and continue to make that extra effort and see our friends in person.


4 thoughts on “Facebook | My Experiences…..

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  2. Interesting experience Dan. You know, I used to remember the days when MySpace and Friendster was the hype for everyone (well at least that’s what I think). Anyways, Facebook seems to be holding the title for quite sometime now and their users have been increasing dramatically as apposed to Friendster and MySpace. I wonder if they will lose the title one day..I wonder what’s the next big thing..

  3. I agree with you Dan – if you are careful about who you allow in to your social network and don’t go posting ridiculous things then it can be a pleasant experience. I haven’t had a bad experience personally with Facebook either, but as you rightly pointed out sometimes it really is difficult remembering that there are real people in your life and making extra effort to see them is important. Having said that though, I have noticed with the addition of Facebook to our lives I am getting a lot less in the way of spammy emails that friends send around just to let you know they are thinking of you; give me Facebook any day over that!

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