GeoSocial Universe

I came across this recently…. the guys over at JESS3’s Blog have been working on a graphic that tries to accurately depict the size of the key social players.

The numbers are just staggering and ive never thought about it before but it makes sense as to why the mobile phone companies and carriers tap into the social media world and how todays smart phones will continue to push the trend just like MMS messaging a number of years back.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “GeoSocial Universe

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  3. Hey Dan,
    Great graphic … to me the real sleeper in there is still Skype – it is the largest user base and yet is no longer the ‘latest shiny thing’ – that mantle has gone to Facebook.
    I think Skype (or something like it) will prevail for sometime to come as it is ‘useful’ – I’m not sure that the same can be said yet for Facebook. Despite the hype, I think the Facebook platform still has some way to go before it is ‘accepted’ as being a valuable resource and more than a fascination.
    It will be interesting to observe how many of the platforms in the graphic merge over time.

    • I agree with you on the Skype point that it will prevail for sometime and unless Google Voice really takes off i doubt the numbers will decrease. As to Facebook i can see it becoming part of this cloud computing OS that will be upon us in the next couple of years. Do i fully trust Facebook… No… but i can see how Facebook could work being the hub to the rest of the interent and in my opinion thats what has Google and Microsoft worried.

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