Twitter’s Growing Impact On News

The Impact Twitter is having on News…….

Before the occurrence of Twitter and other similar Web 2.0 sites, news could take tens of minutes to reach one of the major news or newspaper networks. For a news network to be able to report on such breaking events there would need to be a reporting team in place before any real report could be relayed to any of the major news outlets. Despite many of the larger news networks like the; BBC, CNN and Sky News having reporters/correspondents based across the world at all times there is still this delay before a event can be relayed to the watching audience. News is a vital parts of many peoples lives and other the last 5 years there have been many ways in which people obtain this news, whether it’s from a 24 hours TV channel, newspapers, radio or online. According to a study released by the Pew Research Center (2006), on an average day 81 percent of Americans access news. The other major trend picked up by the study is the increase in people getting news from internet sources, at the time of the article 23% of Americans got there daily news online and that over the coming years this trend is likely to increase sharply, Pew Research Center (2006). The major driving force behind the obvious increase in news coming from online sources is the convenience and the way many people today have access to the internet and therefore news sites 24 hours a day, whatever there doing. This is due to the emergence of mobile Internet devices such as iPhones, Blackberrys and NetBooks. An a example of this convenience is shown in a report written by Danzico (2007) the author tells the reader how her colleague is able to access his emails and read the mornings news on their 20 minute Subway journey into work. Previously this time would have been spent reading a book or a newspaper. The introduction of iPads, Amazons Kindle and other eBook readers will only increase this trend. Johnson (2006) highlights this by saying the ‘Young people turn to the Web for news’, in his article he comments on how this will eventually change the way news is relayed to its audience. An issue with this ‘real time’ reporting is shown by a report by the BBC (2009) on how the internet is helping coverage of the Iran elections, the author points out that many are social sites are written in a particular point of view and when taken together with other outlets, can provide a wide range of perspective. To try a mediate some of these issues many of the larger news organisations now have corporate Twitter accounts with breaking news that can be pushed messaged to your phone meaning the user is always informed of the latest news.


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One thought on “Twitter’s Growing Impact On News

  1. Hi Dan,
    Like you I can see some very positive aspects to the move by many news organisations to embrace ‘citizen reporters’ via social media.
    However, some of the consequences that I have observed are less welcome:
    – many news organisations seem focussed on mentioning events as they happen rather than on providing deeper analysis or broader context
    – consumption of ‘news’ is also changing for many from news and analysis to ‘infotainment’ – I’d be interested to see more of a breakdown of the statistic that 81% of Americans access ‘news’ on a daily basis, e.g. what type of news? what medium?
    It will be interesting to observe how the use of social media evolves over time to provide a more insightful news product for consumers like myself.

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